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There are plenty of free resources out there in the wild internets - but they're scattered all over the place.  Join The School of Alchemy and get access to complete courses on a variety of topics, cleanly organized with a beginning, middle, and end. The courses have built-in progress tracking so you'll always know where you left off.


You aren't going to outgrow The School of Alchemy! We are always adding fresh content and courses!! There's always something new here for you and we encourage you to dive deep into the Work!


So many membership sites offer courses, but if you have a question for the instructor, you're out of luck. Not here! You aren't just a number to us, you're one of our growing tribe of Life Alchemists. You're not just getting lessons, you're getting support directly from us! We dive deep and we keep it real, giving you the best of our combined 40 years in business and combined 50+ years in ministry!


The lessons are delivered in a step-by-step, bite sized format that keeps you from analysis-paralysis. You won't be overwhelmed by so much information that you can't focus. Instead, you will actually get things done - while working at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

About US

We are Transmitters of Divine Intent for Mankind 

Five years ago, we had good, stressful jobs in the corporate world. We convinced ourselves that we 'loved' our jobs, because we were helping people - from assisting good folk in gaining employment to helping small and minority and diverse businesses successfully navigate and make money in the corporate maze (over 750M during my tenure!). The reality was the stress, the travel and constant pressure sucked

What we really, truly loved?  Helping people live the life THEY wanted!

One day Spirit said - Its Time. So we walked away. Now, we live a life devoted to helping our tribe create wealth for themselves + have great relationships + dive deep into the Mystery. 

We get to share the best of our combined 35+ years in the biz world and over 50 years of working in the spiritual realm. Helping people on the daily. No regrets and ALL Good Things!!!

You want a life you can love? The bigger question: Are you willing?

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don't you?”― Rumi.

All About What You’ll Get

The School Of Alchemy 

  • Members enjoy Access to All Courses in the SoA. New courses are added every month
  • Unlimited Access to all classes in Business Alchemy, Life Alchemy and The Mystery School
  • Join Our Private Mentoring Group - Post questions and get feedback from peers and your trainers quickly, as you need it.
  • Over 50+ Hours of classes - starting at 87.00/month

The School Of Feminine Transformation

  • A Living Feminine Embodiment Mystery and Wisdom School within the Alchemic Tradition.
  • Feminine essence based principles, techniques, tools and BEING are taught, practiced and internalized here.
  • Six Individual Schools within the SOFT for your enjoyment at your own speed!
  • Yearly Membership Starting at 87.00/month

Members enjoy Access to All Courses in the SoA. New courses are added every month. 'All In' School of Alchemy members get access to everything, including US!

A Secret Private Facebook group. Invitation Only Webinars. Tons of video lessons, worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, audio files,... No matter how you learn, there's always something here for you.

This site is optimized for tablets and mobile so whether you're on the bus or in the doctor's waiting room, you can take the entire School of Alchemy with you.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I feel the difference in my daily life and am often told that I look amazing and seem so happy. I feel truly blessed..

“My whole life I have been confident, competent, strong and giving. I was not filled with joy at the prospect of my days, I was filled with stress and fear. Each day I wondered if I had what it took to stay strong and independent. I first saw an invitation to join the free feminine transformation group and almost cried as I read the photo Namaste had posted with the invitation "It's your life- as Lovely, Flowing and Downstream or as difficult, uphill and stressful as you believe it needs to be. You are so powerful that YOU decide - and the whole Universe says "It is so" ~Namaste Moore Spirit Whispers (are you listening?)" I joined that group and piece by piece became ready to get SOFT. First I listened, then I participated and soon I was actively seeking the things, people and places that helped me choose joy. 

Tasha Archer 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Offers a perspective that I don't see anywhere else and speaks to me..

“Soft offers a perspective that I don't see anywhere else and speaks to me. That's the main reason I joined. It has been affirming... And all of the teachings within have been super helpful in making my life easier and having clarity... A return to the innate.. "

Mela Luna
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

SOFT has provided a great support system for me....

“SOFT has provided a great support system for me. Outside of all the awesome lessons, teachings, and tools SOFT has given me a safe place to connect with other women. Before SOFT I only dreamed of having this kind of connection. Growing up without my biological mother...I have longed for female connection. I have always had plenty of male friends but never a group of girlfriends. Having SOFT has given me women I can connect with. It's helped fill a void in my life and with such awesome ladies! I am so thankful for them all and grateful for having SOFT in my life."

Sophia Mays
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Of all the info out there about women and energy work and the like, your words were there only ones that truly felt like, well me!

“I had asked the universe for a teacher, I had asked for something that was going to bring me closer to my truth, I asked for change and it brought me here. I truly believe this work can change so many lives, and not only women, but the people who they love and interact with. I'm so grateful that this has come into my life, I am grateful for you and Richard, and I'm so over the moon excited to see how this school will continue to change my life. I love you, and thank you! <3"

Khrystal Capetillo 

Is The SoA Right for You?


  • People who want to change on their own (not being forced to by someone else)
  • People who believe in the magical, the mystical and the wonderful - and believe that these can help us accomplish great things in the world. 
  • People who enjoy connection, one-on-one attention and learning new things. Everyone is different and we do our best to put out programs that fit with your lifestyle.
  • People who want to find happiness and contentment. We believe that when you are physically, relationally, financially and spiritually fit, you'll be happy. 
  • People who understand that great things happen when you take action. If you are a doer and not just a dreamer, then this is for you. 


  • People who cant afford it. We dont want you taking food off your table to pay a monthly fee. Stick with the free stuff we offer until things change in your financial vibe. We will help you either way. 
  • People who dont believe in having fun, are perpetually pessimistic or are easily offended. 
  • People who have a list of folks to blame as to why they cannot be successful, find love or connect with the All-That-Is. We are all about personal responsibility up in here. For Realz.
  • People who are looking for black-hat workarounds or get-rich-quick schemes. Everything in here is about putting in the work it takes to achieve the life you truly desire. 

This Is A Community You Can Be Part Of!

Access to a private Facebook Group

School Of Alchemy members share their goals, what actions they're taking, and generally support one another. Have a question about Attraction Based Marketing, Yoni Health or Divination? You'll have a whole group of like-minded people to go to for help.


Office Hours & Online Teaching!!!

Multiple times a month, we have online presentations where you have direct access to us. Bring Your questions, share your successes! Not only that, all of these teachings are recorded and saved so everybody benefits.


Amazing Ambassador Program

Our marketing strategy is a bit 'unique' in that we prefer to put money in our customers' pockets. It's a win-win, and I much prefer it to writing fat checks to Google and Facebook every month for their expensive advertising! We value 'word of mouth' so much that we've put together a generous Ambassador (referral) program. Which means, every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale as a thank you!


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